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How To Cheat On Malifaux (And Get Away With It)

I suppose it can be argued that humans are, at the core, animals. We evolved from monkeys and still share a remarkable amount of DNA with our hairy cousins (the monkeys, not our literal hairy cousins). And as such, when the sun comes out and temperatures rise, and clothes get skimpier and more revealing  a young male's mind reverts to its primal state and may turn to... unchivalrous things. Yes, the thought of having a little fun on the side. Ooer.

One of these people isn't playing with an authorised fate deck....

At this point in time, I have a decent collection of Guild models. These are;

  • Lady Justice & crew (The Judge and 3 Death Marshals)
  • Scales Of Justice
  • 2 x Guild Guard
  • 2 x Austringers
  • Executioner
And whilst they are in various stages of painting and completion, they are all together and able to be used on the tabletop. I will undoubtedly buy more Guild models in the future, but I like the look and feel of the crew; it fits my idea of a Guild scouting expedition, led by the good lady, tracking down their next target via coffin, bird and mechanical claw fingers. I will also undoubtedly buy more Malifaux figures from a different faction; why limit yourself to one flavour when the buffet is open, right? My eyes are already on the Doppelganger as she is a fantastic model that looks quite demure from the opponents point of view but gruesome from the players.

However, recently I have found myself wandering over to different sites, such as Games Workshop, Mantic, even Privateer Press, where readers of the blog will know that I had quite a bad experience! But I've been looking at the models and thinking that a change of type could be quite an exciting change.

And this is by no way a bad thing. Let me explain through the medium of guitar tuition. If you want to learn guitar (or any instrument I guess), then I reckon you should always buy two books. One of these will be a formal tuition book, where you can find out all about scales, chords, finger placement and the relatively dry and dull stuff. the other book will be a collection of songs from your favourite band or genre. The idea is that you work through one book until you feel a bit bored or unable to go further, then switch to the other for a change. This way, you keep it fresh and new, keep your interest in learning guitar high and get to learn some sick licks at the same time as chord progressions.

When this comes up on Google Images under 'sick licks' how can you not use it!?

Now relate that to painting. I have been focusing on duster jackets, red sand deserts and varying degrees of wood and leather for the Guild crew. In short, lots of browns and reds. Now I have hit a point where, even though I still have love for Malifaux and all the minis, I need a bit of a shake up to keep the interest high. If I had a go at painting some different minis from a different game system, my painting will improve (as everyone's painting improves whenever they paint; learning by doing) and it will enable me to try my hand at a completely different mini style. I've summarised my thoughts below...

Kings Of War (link)

Now, just to pre-empt you, I am not looking for a whole new game system to adopt, just a brief sojourn that I will look back on as a fond experience. Like sex with a French girl. And in that metaphor, the French girl is lots and lots of cheap and good looking minis. Mantic's system Kings Of War is the most similar to the Warhammer Fantasy game I was raised on. The difference being that the minis are at a price that you'd be hard-pressed to find any equivalent GW models for, even on eBay. For example, the Orc selection on the left consists of 30 minis, plastic & resin mix, and costs under 30 quid. Plus the rules are available free download. :-o :-o. The two player battle set has 95 minis, two armies and costs under 40 quid. Plus it includes a £5 off voucher for a hardback rulebook. :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o Price is definitely king on these minis, but they still look fab. The bases are flat plastic but that's nothing that a selection of resin bases from my favourite suppliers couldn't fix. Finally, they are great proxies for understandable GW Fantasy players.

Now, I have had a bad experience of PP minis in the past, as show in a previous post. It shows the depth of human compassion that I am willing to forgive and consider letting them back into my life. The appeal of Warmahordes models is the size and... brutality(?) of the models. They look really aggressive, whereas other minis (including, I must admit, some Malifaux) can merely be described as... interesting.  Case in point, this chap here. Khador is the faction that most appeals to me at the moment because they have the real solid looking warjacks in their army. The Guild Peacekeeper would have a tough time matching up to this guy! The flip side is build quality (questionable but I have lots of green stuff) and price (not the cheapest but not the most expensive). On the other hand, as a skirmish game like Malifaux, a collection of a couple of models could lead to a bonafide force!

Hell Dorado - (link)

Just look at these models!!!!!!!!!!

I suppose that I'll always pine and be drawn to my original love; Games Workshop. I still look at other fantasy minis and think to myself, 'Yes, but they're not proper Orcs/Elves/Empire/whatnot.' In my old age, I have been able to detach the heart from the head and find it hard to justify spending the high prices for the minis. Of course, the overwhelming positive of Games Workshop is that you'll always have someone nearby to have a game with. I don't think I'll say much more as I reckon there isn't a wargamer out there who doesn't have an opinion of Games Workshop, be it positive or negative. I'll just say it would be Empire I'd get if anything.
I wish I knew how to quit you, sir.

In summary, I think it's good to cheat on your partner (read; gaming system) every now and then. It keeps your painting and gaming skills fresh and sharp and it also helps you to meet and get to know people who you may not otherwise. And in the end, nobody likes a fanboy and nothing makes you appreciate what you like/don't like about your own models and games than comparing it to another. So which of the above will I go for? Well...

Kings Of War 2 Player Battle Set.......................£39.99
Khador Plastic Heavy Warjack..........................£20.65
Hell Dorado Eurynome.......................................£16.20
Empire Reiksguard Knights...............................£20.00
Please don't tell my wife....


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