Sunday, 7 July 2013

How To Cheat On Malifaux (And Get Away With It)

I suppose it can be argued that humans are, at the core, animals. We evolved from monkeys and still share a remarkable amount of DNA with our hairy cousins (the monkeys, not our literal hairy cousins). And as such, when the sun comes out and temperatures rise, and clothes get skimpier and more revealing  a young male's mind reverts to its primal state and may turn to... unchivalrous things. Yes, the thought of having a little fun on the side. Ooer.

One of these people isn't playing with an authorised fate deck....

Saturday, 29 June 2013

A Noobish View On Second Edition...

It's been a while since I had my first game of Malifaux with the 2nd edition ruleset (actually, my first game of Malifaux ever!) and since then I have had time to ponder, muse, sift the forums and watch the weekly developments to the ruleset. It's remarkable how much has changed in the short time since the beta began, and even more remarkable how each change can pretty much be inked back to the forum feedback that inspired it.

WIP Me & Smother Me In UHU And Balsa Wood.... Ladies

As my provocative title suggests, enjoy some WIP photos, including some pretty-much completed ones...

First up, the Death Marshals:

Saturday, 15 June 2013

WIPping All Over The Breach

Good afternoon all!

After a short break, I return with a few new WIP pics of my fledgling Lady Justice crew; specifically the lady herself and her left-hand man (because everyone knows that Lady Justice's right-hand man is the Scales!). Whilst I don't consider either of them 'fully' finished yet, I'd be happy to see them on the tabletop!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lady Justice Crew - Bit more progress....

I have spent the last few hours on painting and I can honestly say that it doesn't look like it... I've decided that I focus best when painting one or two models at a time instead of tackling the entire crew in one go. And so it has been Lady Justice and my beloved Scales who have had some brush time today. Results below;

As you can see above and below, Scales is coming on well but there is still much to be done. I really want to get the basic colours and shadings down right before dirtying and bloodying him up appropriately.... Heheheheh....

M2E Game - Oiling the Cogs

Hello all and apologies for the delay in getting another post done, but I'm back with a bullet! A couple of days ago I had my first game with my Lady Justice crew; in fact, my first game of 2nd Edition rules... In fact my first game of Malifaux ever! So what I will be doing in this blog is both talking about that fateful Thursday night as best as I can remember it, and in the second part of this blog talk about my impressions of Malifaux, especially how I found the 2E rules as a new player.

Let's crack on...

Disclaimer: I may not remember the specifics of the match so apologies to all, especially to my opponent Liam (@MunkeyKungFu) if I mess up some of the details!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Lady Justice crew - Early WIP

I have finally got around to working on the Guild crew and have started to get some colour in their cheeks, as well as various other places!

Note; I've undercoated in grey as I find it a good colour for the mix of dark browns in the clothing and the brightness of Lady J's hair and top. Plus I think it allows a truer colouring of very thin paints, i.e, the very very thin colour on my palette will look close to exactly the same when on the model. I urge you all to try out different colour undercoats and see what effect they have on some test models. Or I'll throw a tutorial on here sometime soon!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Not a creature was stirring....

To many, it may feel like the night before Christmas...

At time of writing, it is just under 5 hours until M2E beta reveal day (UK timings, of course. My American & Canadian readers will have to adjust accordingly) and right now is the last time there will be uncertainty and speculation on where the game is headed for 2nd Edition.

As I am sure you are aware, the announcement of 2nd Edition has provoked a mixed reaction, to say the least. Hopefully you've read my own pig-metaphor story about 2E so you either know my thoughts on this issue or you think I have some weird pig-based imagination.

Truthfully, it's a little column A and a little column B.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

FauxFiction - 'Unquestionable'

As part of the Wyrd forums Iron Quill writing competition, I submitted a short story about Guild justice delivered in the Guild way; swift and certain, unquestionable (see what I did there?). The Iron Quill is a writing competition where two of four pre-determined elements have to be included in the story, such as a specific line, or object. Have a read by heading over to The Writing Room forum and check out more stories and submit your own!



Sunday, 26 May 2013

Transmission - I Have Just Two Questions For You...

So why did you get into Malifaux?

What games have you played before?

This is probably the tabletop gaming equivalent of name, rank and number. At some point it's likely that you would have been asked these questions and maybe your answer to the former has been something along the lines of storyline/miniatures/a change for the 'usual' games. You may have come from other well-known TTG such as Warhammer, 40K, Warmachines or Hordes.

However, have a real think... Why did you get into Malifaux?

Tomes Of Knowledge - Pinning

With metal miniatures on the way out and plastic soon to become the new black, there couldn't be a more inappropriate time to do a tutorial on pinning metal minis!

In honesty though, pinning your minis is a good habit to be in as at some point in its life every mini will find itself taking a swan dive off the battlefield to the floor below. It helps to know that there is something more holding your minis together than glue, prayers and blood sacrifices when it hits the deck.

As such, apply the below to your plastic minis by all means. Just be aware that as plastic is naturally softer, show extra care drilling as you won't have the same margin for error with bending and drilling through that tough ol' metal offers.

The Kit

Above is everything I use for pinning my models and making sure they look semi decent afterwards. I'm going to assume that you have done your prep work and filed off any pokey bits of metal or mould lines on your minis. Also my tutorial is using resin bases from Tiny Worlds and for the cost of a fiver or so, they are hugely recommended. Basing Malifaux miniatures on stock bases with no decoration takes a lot away from the model aesthetic. Conversely, if you are making your own custom scenic bases, you may be a bit beyond this tutorial!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Eye Candy - My painted models so far

As the title suggests (well, explicitly states), I have put photos of my painted model collection so far. It would be bigger but due to the breakages / inevitable eBay sales... well, this is what survived. The Empire General and Standard Bearer are the most recently finished.

Click on over to the Photos page to see what all the fuss is about!


The Weirdest Metaphorical Story About Malifaux M2E Featuring Pigs Ever

So I'm going to assume that as a Malifaux fan, you are aware that 2nd Edition is on the way? If not then I'm sorry that you had to hear it like this and please check out one of the podcasts and more reputable sites for more info. One of the themes that has emerged from this announcement is a distinct feeling that change is bad and that 2nd Edition will ruin what is a beautiful, deep and immersive game world. To those, let me tell you a story...

It's like painting in prison

Just as every Englishman has his castle and every Hobbit has it's hole (no snickering), so every painter has their painting area / happy place. Whether this be balancing a tray on your lap or a studio with full airbrushing facilities and a heated drying room, there are certain useful / important things to consider.

Without further frivolity, lets have a look at where I create my masterpieces blindly fling colours like a monkey flings poop...

Well now the post title makes sense...

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Let loose with nothing but a barrel and a Black Joker....

Hello, and welcome to The UnderFaux! If this is your first time on the Internet and this is the first site you stumble across, I sure hope you like wargaming!

This blog is a platform to chat about my burgeoning steps into the world of Malifaux. Along the way, I want to tell you everything you probably already know about the hobby, but from the perspective of a speccy father-to-be living in the basement flat in the South West of England. This will include (but not be limited to) painting, gaming, collecting, opinions, reviews, videos (once I have a camera...) and everything that I find intriguing / amusing and think you should know about.

As a brief background, I came into Malifaux from Warhammer Fantasy, by way of a brief and turbulent affair with Warmahordes. I am a painter primarily, with a modicum of gaming experience but will be sharing my toe-dipping into the local gaming scene with you as it happens.

As my first post, I won't ramble (that comes later) but I will whet your appetite by saying that next post will include a few pics of the man-cave that my wife has allocated me for the pursuit of this joyous hobby and the cranking out of the UnderFaux.