Saturday, 29 June 2013

WIP Me & Smother Me In UHU And Balsa Wood.... Ladies

As my provocative title suggests, enjoy some WIP photos, including some pretty-much completed ones...

First up, the Death Marshals:

So these guys actually turned out to be a lot of fun to paint, and the OSL turned out pretty well for a first ever try! The technique started as the careful application of very thin and gradually lightening colours. After half a dozen or so coats, my technique got a bit more slapdash and rushed due to impatience and through luck and sacrifices to the god of not-bad painting, the results have turned out okay in my book!


So next on the list, we have 2 x Guild Guard and an Austringer:

 As you can see, I am getting a reasonable Guild crew up together. In the post, I have a second Austringer and an Executioner on the way, bringing me to a non-upgraded crew of 59ss (at time of writing at least!). This means that I will be able to pick and choose to a small extent depending on situation. After I have painted those guys up, I may move into the Ortega clan and their lovely Abuela as my next Guild extension. I do plan on moving into a different flavour of crew at some point but I feel like Guild is definitely singing to me at the moment!

Oh, and check out the WIP below for a base for the Executioner. I didn't have a 40mm scenic base to fit the theme so tore the base of a failed Warmachine warjack and decided to add some cowboy-themed planks to make a sturdy base for ol' Sharptouch himself. However, high on UHU glue fumes, I ended up with the monstrosity below....

Stay tuned for more!


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