Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lady Justice Crew - Bit more progress....

I have spent the last few hours on painting and I can honestly say that it doesn't look like it... I've decided that I focus best when painting one or two models at a time instead of tackling the entire crew in one go. And so it has been Lady Justice and my beloved Scales who have had some brush time today. Results below;

As you can see above and below, Scales is coming on well but there is still much to be done. I really want to get the basic colours and shadings down right before dirtying and bloodying him up appropriately.... Heheheheh....

The lovely Lady herself. I'm pleased with how she's coming along and the colours are fitting nicely together. Her jeans are looking just how I wanted them to and I wish I had a camera that could do these photos justice.

So still much to be done, but the end is getting nearer. Not so much 'in sight' but rather 'it exists and I'm sure it's around here somewhere....'

Until next time folks!


1 comment:

  1. Lady J is shaping up nicely, did you ever finish the crew?

    I'm interested in trying out the grey undercoat. I usually use black, but since my painting style relies heavily on using black wash for all my shading they turn out very dark.

    I'm also wondering why you've gone with the old crew when the fancy new plastic m2e crew is available?