Sunday, 2 June 2013

Lady Justice crew - Early WIP

I have finally got around to working on the Guild crew and have started to get some colour in their cheeks, as well as various other places!

Note; I've undercoated in grey as I find it a good colour for the mix of dark browns in the clothing and the brightness of Lady J's hair and top. Plus I think it allows a truer colouring of very thin paints, i.e, the very very thin colour on my palette will look close to exactly the same when on the model. I urge you all to try out different colour undercoats and see what effect they have on some test models. Or I'll throw a tutorial on here sometime soon!

Some base colours down for Death Marshal. I've been inspired by another painted crew (link/reference when I remember and find it!) and will use OSL to show glowing seeping from the cracks in the coffin.

I love the colour combinations on Lady J. When you are the embodiment of justice, righteousness and vengeance, nobody will say anything if you want to wear your own clothes to work!


My favourite model! I used green stuff and raided the bits box to put coins in one scale dish and skulls in the other. Message? Probably greed against power, life against death, I'm not sure yet...

Judge is proving to be the least fun to paint. But he's still more fun compared to the vast majority of models I've painted in the past!

Death Marshal will be a vision of OSL once he's done, but first I need to learn how to do OSL...

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